Garden Highlights

Drought Information

As we enter another year of drought and water restrictions, all homeowners and gardeners are searching for information on what to do. Learn about waterwise plants and gardening techniques, lawn replacement and rebate programs, graywater usage, and more.

Citrus Quarantine

The Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) has been detected in San Jose. This insect pest can carry the disease huanglongbing that is devastating for all citrus trees.There is a quarantine area in Santa Clara County - San Jose. Residents with backyard citrus trees in the quarantine area are asked not to transport citrus fruit or leaves, potted citrus trees, or curry leaves from the quarantine area. Learn how to help protect California's citrus from ACP.

Home Composting

The Santa Clara County Home Composting Education Program teaches residents how to build compost piles and worm bins, then how to apply the resulting material in their gardens. For more information, contact the ROTLINE 408-918-4640.