Insects, Diseases, Weeds, Pests

If you garden, you're going to deal with insects, disease, weeds and pests. Here are some of the best resources on pest management:

  • Pest Notes: Information from UC Davis on a wide variety of pests in homes, gardens, landscape, and turf
  • Animal Pests: Advice on many of the most common troublesome critters, from birds to voles
  • Orchard Pests and Diseases: Integrated pest management from UC Davis' The California Backyard Orchard
  • Oak Root Fungus Plant Susceptibility List by Dr. Robert Raabe, UC Berkeley (PDF) – a list of trees and shrubs resistant or susceptible to oak root fungus, also known as Armillaria Root Rot. This list, completed in June 2008, includes both UC researched and contributed information.
  • Weed Management in Landscapes: Weed management advice from UC Davis
  • Weed Identificaton: Identification and photo gallery of some of the most common weeds, from UC Davis