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Cool Season Vegetables

Listed below are some varieties of cool season vegetables that have been found to do well in Santa Clara County.
ARTICHOKE Green Globe, Imperial Star (from seed in spring) Dec-Apr. (crown or plants)
ASPARAGUS Mary Washington, UC 157, UC 72 (seed or crown) Sept-Feb (crowns)
BEET Albina Vereduna, Chioggia, Cylindra, Golden Feb-Aug (seed)
BROCCOLI De Cicco, Green Comet, Green Goliath, Minaret, Packman, Premium Crop, Waltham 29 Feb-Mar, Jul-Aug (seed), Aug-Sept (transplants)
BRUSSEL SPROUTS Jade Cross Feb or July (seed)
CABBAGE Copenhagen Market, Earliana, Early Jersey Wakefield, Golden Acre, Ruby Ball Hybrid Feb-Apr, Jul-Aug (seed), Sept (transplant)
CARROTS Chantenay, Danvers, Paris Market, Minicor, Nantes, Thumbelina Apr-May, Sept (seed)
CAULIFLOWER Cheddar, Early Snowball, Graffiti, Panther, Romanesco Feb-Mar, Jul-Aug (seed), Sept (transplant)
CHARD Argentata, Bright Lights, Fordhook Giant, French White, Italian Silver Rib, Rhubarb Chard Year round, (seed or transplants)
GARLIC Burgundy, California Early, California Late, Georgia Crystal, Inchelium Red, Rosewood, Susanville Oct-Nov (cloves)
KOHLRABI Early Purple Vienna, Kohlibri, White Vienna Feb-Apr, Aug-Sept (seed)
LETTUCE Black-Seeded Simpson, Brune d'Hiver, Canasta, Capitaine, Esmeralda, Jericho, Loma, Marvel of Four Seasons, Merlot, Nancy, Nevada, Oakleaf, Prizehead, Red Ridinghood, Sangria, Sierra Feb-Mar, Aug-Sept (seed), Oct (transplant)
MACHE D'Etampes, Vit October (seed)
MUSTARD Florida Broadleaf, Mizuna, Red Giant, Southern Giant
Feb-Mar, Aug-Sept (seed), Sept-Oct (transplant)
ONION Early Yellow Globe, Fiesta, Granex, Grano, Southport White Globe, Stockton Red, White Sweet Spanish,Yellow Sweet Spanish Sept, Jan-Feb (seed)
ONION, GREEN BUNCHING Southport White Globe, White Lisbon, White Sweet Spanish Mar-Apr (sets)
PEAS Shelling: Little Marvel, Maestro, Tall Telephone

Sugar Snap: Super Sugar Snap

Snow Pea: Mammoth Melting, Oregon Sugar Pod II
Feb-Mar (seed)
POTATO Bintje, Caribe, Rose Finn Apple, Yukon Gold Jan-Mar (seed potatoes)
SPINACH America, Bloomsdale Longstanding, Giant Nobel, Oriental Giant, Tyee F1, Viroflay, New Zealand (summer substitute) Sept-Apr (seed)
TURNIPS Amber Globe, De Milan, Scarlet Queen, White Lady Aug-Sept, Feb-Apr (seed)