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Warm Season Vegetables

Listed below are some varieties of warm season vegetables that have been found to do well in Santa Clara County.
BEANS, BUSH Blue Lake Bush, Beurre De Roquencourt, Greencrop, Landreth Bush, Nickel, Purple Podded, Roc d’Or, Royal Burgundy, Slankette, Strike April through August
BEANS, POLE Blue Lake, Dutch White Runner, Emerite, Fortex, Kentucky Blue, Kwintus, Marvel of Venice April through July
CORN Early Sunglow, Golden Bantam, Honey and Cream, Kandy Korn, Jubilee, Platinum Lady, Silver Queen April through July
CUCUMBER Armenian, Burpee Hybrid, Chinese Cucumber, Early Triumph, Holland, Kidma, Lemon, Sweet Slice April through June
EGGPLANT Black Beauty, Casper, Ichiban, Neon, Violette di Firenze May through June (transplants)
MELONS Ambrosia, Galia, Ogen (Haogen), Sunrise, Venus, May through June
WATERMELON Charleston Gray, Moon & Stars, Sweet Siberian May through June
PEPPER, SWEET Apple, Corno di Toro (red and yellow), Karma, Italia, Lipstick, Marconi (red and yellow), Nardello, Orange Sun, Topepo Rosso May through June (transplants)
PEPPER, HOT Aji Cristal, Aji Amarillo, Habanero (Orange, Chocolate), Pimiento de Padron, Piment d’Espelette, Rocoto, Suave Orange May through June (transplants)
SUMMER SQUASH Aristocrat, Goldrush, Horn of Plenty, Raven, Sunburst March through July
TOMATO, CLASSIC Black from Tula, Carmello, Dona, Early Girl, Gold Medal, Lime Green, Orange Strawberry, Santa Clara Canner, Stupice Late April through June (transplants)
TOMATO, BEEFSTEAK Aunt Ginny's Purple, Aunt Ruby's Green, Big Rainbow, Brandywine from Croatia, Cuostralee, Ed’s Millenium, Ernie's Plump, Ernie's Round, Green Giant, Hillbilly, Russian 117, Stump of the World Late April through June (transplants)
TOMATO, CHERRY Black Cherry, Chadwick, Galinas, Sungold, Sugary, Sun Sugar, Sweet 100, Sweet Chelsea Late April through June (transplants)
TOMATO, PASTE Amish Gold, Amish Paste, Jersey Devil, Opalka, Principe Borghese Late April through June (transplants)
WINTER SQUASH Blue Ballet, Butercup, Butternut, Delicata, Stella Blue, Sweet Dumpling, Tahitian April through June