Emma Prusch Farm Park


Emma Prusch Farm Park is located at 647 South King Road, San Jose, near the intersections of Highways 101 and 280/680.  Master Gardeners are involved with many projects at the park including a High Density Orchard, Rare Fruit Orchard, Heritage Orchard, and California Native Color Wheel. Santa Clara County 4H volunteers keep farm animals in the large wooden barn located within the Park.  In 1994, the Master Composter volunteers established a composting demonstration area which has become an important part of the educational needs of the community.  Free composting classes are held at the Park: for more information visit ReduceWaste website.

High Density Fruit Orchard

Originally planted in the mid-1990s the Prusch Farm High Density Fruit Orchard provides a public demonstration of pome fruit gardening, showing local gardeners how to maintain reasonably sized trees and how several varieties can be grown in a small garden space by planting several trees in one planting hole.  The orchard consists of 85 trees of 57 known varieties (some trees are unmarked).  Types of trees are primarily apple (almost 70%), pear and quince.

Native Plant Garden

The Native Plant Garden shows visitors to the Park how they can include low-maintenance, drought-tolerant  plants which are native to California in their own gardens at home.  Short signs placed throughout the garden let people know how these plants can attract butterflies, birds, bees, and beneficial insects to their own yards, and what the plants can be expected to look like in various seasons of the year.  Since the garden is located directly in front of the Prusch farmhouse, children on field trips and their parents and teachers, as well as casual visitors the Park have an opportunity to ask questions and learn the names of California native plants which they might like to try at home, and which can be counted on to do well in our area without using much water or needing to be fed or sprayed for pests and diseases.  The garden is designed and maintained by volunteers from the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County

International Rare Fruit Orchard

The California Rare Fruit Growers (www.CRFG.org) originally planted this eclectic variety of rare fruits and trees from around the world in the early 1980s.  The orchard includes over 125 rare and exotic fruit trees, including citrus and other sub-tropicals. The recent installation of signage, funded through a grant from the Elvenia J. Slosson Endowment Fund provides a detailed explanation of the orchard. The grant also funded new tree and pruning costs. Master Gardeners work with the Rare Fruit Growers to maintain the orchard and replant as needed. During even numbered months, CRFG meetings are held in the Park’s meeting room.

Pistachio tree with fruitPathway through the orchardStand of Banana trees

For more information about Emma Prusch Regional Park visit Prusch Farm Park.