Spring Garden Market — Gardening Talks and More

Audience at talkCome to the market and attend one of our Gardening Talks, visit our Ask the Experts information tables, or talk with us in our plant areas. We are here to answer your questions.

Gardening Talks

Join us for 45-minute talks on a variety of gardening topics, held at three locations around the Spring Garden Market.
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10:00-10:45 a.m.

Growing Great Tomatoes

Maximizing Your Summer Harvest

It's Easy to Make Backyard Compost
11:00-11:45 a.m.

Growing Great Tomatoes

What's Wrong with My Tomatoes? Growing Healthy Tomatoes

Make Every Drop Count! Food Gardening in a Drought Year
12:00-12:45 p.m.

Mediterranean and Drought Tolerant Herbs

Love Your Santa Clara County Clay

Pests in Your Garden and What to Do

Growing Great Tomatoes We will demonstrate planting techniques, support systems, and water requirements for growing great tomatoes.

Maximizing Your Summer Harvest If you have always wondered how to get more from your pepper plants or how to keep beans producing longer, this talk is for you! Learn important tips on getting the best production from your vegetable garden.

It's Easy to Make Backyard Compost We will give an overview of what can be composted in your backyard compost pile, and what compost bins and tools are offered by the County of Santa Clara Home Composting Education Program.

What's Wrong with My Tomatoes? Growing Healthy Tomatoes Learn how to give your tomatoes the best chance to avoid tomato diseases and pests, and how to respond to common tomato problems.  

Make Every Drop Count! Food Gardening in a Drought Year Fruit trees and vegetable plants need regular water to thrive and produce well. Learn about gardening practices that use water wisely in the food garden, so that you can continue to enjoy home-grown produce while conserving water during a drought year.

Mediterranean and Drought Tolerant Herbs There are many beautiful herbs that can be grown with very little water. Learn about herbs that have prolific blooms, pleasant fragrances, and attract pollinators to your garden. Cultural requirements and maintenance tips of popular drought tolerant culinary herbs will be covered. Use these herbs in a beautiful low water landscape!

Love Your Santa Clara County Clay Clay soil is great! Learn how to turn your clay soil into perfect soil for gardening: the best way to dig, amend, fertilize, and mulch your soil to grow great veggies.

Pests in Your Garden and What to Do Join us to find out how to deal with garden pests in a sustainable and proactive way using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Also learn to recognize the beneficial insects in your garden, find out how to attract them and how to get them to stay.


Ask the Experts Information Tables

  • Hotline LIVE! Bring your questions and plant samples and learn more about what is in our gardens.
  • California Native Plants: Find out more about these plants that are perfectly adapted to our climate
  • UC Davis Arboretum All-Stars: Recommended plants selected by the UC Davis Arboretum. Tough, water-wise, and beautiful.
  • Gardening with Succulents: Learn more about these popular, drought-tolerant plants
  • Tool Care: Keep your tools sharp and in tip-top condition
  • Animal Pest Control: Got gophers, moles, voles or other critters?

Tomato, Pepper, Herb, and Flower Questions

Drop by the plant tables in each of our sales areas to talk with Master Gardeners and get your questions answered on growing, harvesting, dealing with problems, special varieties, and more!